As an urban blogger I'm constantly on the lookout for new ways to live a healthier, more environmentally conscious lifestyle. I believe that by making simple changes in our daily lives we can significantly improve both our own and the world's health. I'm interested in this topic because I believe cities are at the forefront of many environmental issues. We frequently witness the most pressing issues in urban settings, ranging from air pollution to garbage disposal. By promoting sustainable and healthy urban living, Here at Urbanleaf we hope to inspire others to take action and change the world. Living a healthy, environmentally friendly lifestyle, in our opinion, can improve our overall well-being. Cities have a unique opportunity to serve as a beacon of hope for future generations.


Here at Urbanleaf  we reach out to urban audiences to disseminate knowledge and advice about leading healthier, more sustainable lives.
We write about things like waste reduction, sustainable food options, and how to fit exercise into the busy schedule of a city dweller.
Also, we believe that by working together, we can build more informed and engaged community that is committed to making positive changes in              their lives and the world around them for the sake of our own and the planet's health.